focuses on the delivery of individual training plans for endurance athletes. These have a proven track record & pedigree. Put simply, they work. They have helped many athletes achieve their goals, improve their times & explore their limits.

How it all started. was founded by a group of friends whose passion was endurance racing.The original aim was to offer events with character over the winter months. Our events sought to present challenge competitors & test the soul & included: the Chainbreaker, the Holybourne Hillraiser,  the Longmoor Lollop & most famously ..., the Monsterman Off road duathlon Series.

Over the years in which we ran these events we were fortunate enough to witness some great racing, & share great times with amazing people.

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Our training plans work. They help you maximise the training time you have available. They help you maximise your athletic potential and achieve your goals.

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Challenge 639

There are approximately 639 muscles in the human body. Muscles are one of those things that most of us take completely for granted. In the past I certainly have.

The reality is it is impossible for us to do anything without muscles. Absolutely everything we do involves some form of muscular activity.

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