Success is not a chance event

If you want to get the greatest return on your available training time then one of our training plans could be exactly what you need. The plans are written by Ian Mayhew & are tailored to meet the individual athlete’s needs.

Ian has been providing structured training plans for endurance athletes via the internet for 18 years. During this time he has consistently helped athletes achieve their sporting goals. Put simply Ian's plans work. For an athlete's view of the benefits of a plan please click here.

Ian qualified as a coach with British Cycling, British Triathlon and UK Athletics. He also holds a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and Business Management from Brunel University and a MSc (Distinction) in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences from the University of Chester. His undergraduate dissertation focused on the biomechanics of pedaling and his Master's studies focused on the nutritional needs of endurance athletes.

Ian's coaching and academic qualifications are supported by a wealth of 'racing' experience. This includes ultra cycling, running & triathlon events. Notably: a third place in Race Across America (RAAM) cycle race as part of a 4 person team (2006), a successful completion of TransPyr Backroads; ten Ironman & two Ultraman (2005) race finishes; and various ultra distance run finishes. Ian's ultra run experience includes both multi- day events (such as La Trans Aq, the Jungle Marathon, Gortex Transalpine & The Pyrenees Stage Run) & single stage runs (including Haria Extreme, Mozart 100 -3 times, Tenerife Bluetrail (Trail), Trans Gran Canaria (Advanced) &  Ultima Fontera (83km)).

In recent years Ian has been using his own participation in events to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy under the banner of challenge639. Personal accounts of his efforts can be found by clicking on the C- 639 tab. 

If you are looking for a coach it is this mix of personal experience, knowledge, qualifications & skills that is important to you. Not the coach's personal pb's. Your focus should be on finding a coach that can help get the best out of you. That is what Ian's plans will deliver. They will help you achieve your goals. 

During Ian's coaching career he has helped over 100 individual athletes achieve their sporting goals. These range from completing Race for Life 10km runs, through to qualifying for the Ironman World Championships & beyond. 

Ian can offer both single discipline (bike, run) or multi-discipline (swim, bike, run) training plans. Arguably Ian's specality is assisting athletes prepare for endurance events such as Ironman triathlons. Ian has helped over 35 individual athletes complete & compete in excess of 100 Ironman distance events. Ian can honestly claim to be a specialist in this area. However,  the range of events Ian has successfully helped athletes successfully prepare for is vast. It encompasses a full range of distances from sprint to ultra- endurance, single & multi day events &  single & multi discpline events.

Whatever your chosen event Ian’s plans will provide structure & direction to your training. They stress quality over quantity. They seek long- term gains over short- term fixes. If you commit & follow the advice given they will lead to results that speak for themselves.

But don’t just take our word for it:

"All I can say is that your training plans are amazing ... Thanks for helping
me realise my goal of completing an ironman!" H.E., Bucks, UK

"I had my dream race v v happy with all my split times... U certainly know
how 2 get results thk u." P.R, Herts, UK

"I feel great being in shape. I'm in the best shape of my life, my swimming is great, my cycling is fantastic ... and my running is probably the strongest it's ever been, so I feel brilliant. " A.W., Beds, UK

‘Thank you so much, i would never have achieved this time without your coaching! It's transformed me!‘ C.D, Herts, UK

‘What a race. Race of a lifetime. Thanks for everything.’ J.Y., Beds, UK

'This is the best I've felt and the most consistent training I've done in the run up to any.... I can only thank you for your help so far..' T.P., London

‘It has been my dream to run the Boston marathon, after a few failed attempts, I signed up for Ian's training plans, in less than 2 months, I had run 7 minutes under my qualifying time and I was on my way to Boston. In the first year under Ian's coaching, I ran 3 marathons, all Boston qualifiers.’ E.K, Canada

'I am totally pleased with your IM coaching. I have got far, far more out of the experience than a couple of medals' J.M., Bucks

 'So, the deed is done!... the training as a whole has been fantastic- progressive, varied, efficient, tailored. .. a heart felt thank you..' J.M, Wilts

'Thank you! I feel great! And hit 3 personal bests. Fastest pace in swim, fastest 180km and longest distance ever ran! Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and workouts - it just would not have been the same event for me without it!' S.B, Vancouver

How the plans work.. 


Initially we will discuss your goals &  objectives. Ian will then develop a weekly training template that is specific to you. That takes into account your relative strengths & weaknesses, your available training time & other life commitments.  

Ian will then build your individual plan around this template. Your sessions are delivered via and are uploaded every 3- 4 week. Each block takes into account your personal circumstances, your goals, training completed & feedback received.  The plans are supported by unlimited email contact. Ian is also happy to have a chat over the phone or coffee by prior arrangement.

The cost...


The cost for this bespoke service is £60 per month. That is just £15 per week for a truly personal & indvidually tailored training programme from a coach with a proven track record. This represents exceptional value for money. Do not think paying more guarantees you better or quicker results or access to a more experienced or qualified coach. Sometimes you really can get a good deal. 

Ian has worked with over 100 individual athletes since beginning his coaching career.  Some of these athletes have been within him since the start (over 15 years) & many are repeat customers, (taking out a plan to achieve a specific goal & returning when they identify a new target). In a market with so many people offering coaching advice this retention of athletes & return business is testament to the value our athletes place on Ian's training plans. 

To provide enough time to demonstrate the value of the plan & allow for coach/ athlete relationship to develop we ask for an initial 3 - month commitment (paid up front). We then ask that subsequent blocks are paid for by standing order direct to the gearsandtears bank account.

If you are serious about improving your performances or achieving your goals please do get in touch.

Ian’s coaching palmares includes coaching: 


    • Jenn Dawkins a 2nd place finish in Ultraman Canada (2008)
    • Darin Bentley 2nd place in the 125km Canadian Death Race & 12th place in Spartathlon (2008)
    • Dominic Irvine to a success in the Race Across the Alps(2009)- becoming only the 2nd ever Brit to finish this ultra cycling challenge. 
    • Paula Robinson to Hawaii Ironman World Championships (2010), & a 3rd place at Ironman Lanzarote (2011)
    • Chris Bailey to 2nd in age- group with a sub 4:30 at Challenge Walschee 70.3 (2011)
    • James Huertas to a succesful completion of 27th Edition Marathon des Sables (2012)
    • Storme Alexander 1st (age- group) & 2nd lady overall at Forestman (2012)
    • Dom Irvine completing the 1st succesful Lands End to John O'Groats non- stop Tandem ride for 66 years
      • Tom Perry 2nd overall Trans Birtain Ultra Run (2012)
      • James Easson 1st overall Marshman + (2013)
      • James Bray 1st overall Catsle Howard Triathlon (2013)
        Dom Irvine 11th out of 1050 riders in the London to Edinburgh to London bike ride (2013) on a single speed!
      • Claire Doherty selection for GB Age- Group Team for European Long Course Tri Championships, Almere, Holland (2014)
      • Paul Lander in his first season with me has qualified for both GB duathlon & ITU World Championships, Edmonton Age- Group Team (2014)
      • Claire Doherty qualifying for Hawaii Ironman World Championships at Ironman UK (2014)
      • James Easson 8th in age- group, 33rd overall at Ironman UK (2014)
      • Darren Watts 1st in age- group 6th overall in Hotter 'n' Hell Hundred (2014)
      • James Easson 2nd in age- group Challenge Weymouth (2015)
      • Storme Alexander 1st lady & course record Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series, Dover (2016)
      • Terry Allen 3rd Isle of Wight Ultra, 106km (2018)
      • David Downey 12th TransAtlantic Way (2018)
      • Stephen Haines 7th Trans Am Bike Race (TABR) (2018)
      • Stephen Haines 2nd Pan Celtic ultra endurance self- supported cycle race (2019)
    • &
    • those of Manuela Maxwell (nee Capazorio) who deserves her own section.
    • Since Ian has been working with Manuela (since Nov 2009) her results have been consistently improving & impressive. These include:

    • Winner British Triathlon Ranking Series (age- group, 2010)
    • 1st (age group) National Championships (2011)
    • 3rd lady overall Spring Ballbuster (2012)
    • 1st (age- group) European Triathlon Championships, Eilat (2012)
    • 1st (lady & age- group) British Middle Distance Triathlon Championships (2012)
    • 1st (age- group) ETU Triathlon Championships, Alanya, Turkey (2013)
    • 2nd (age- group) British Triathlon Championship, Liverpool (2013)

Ian has helped numerous athletes achieve their athletic dreams, be that completing their first event or competing at European & World Championships. He could help you too.