Shaking the Grass


At the end of July 2005 I was privileged enough to compete in Ultraman Canada. This was my first attempt at anything more demanding than an Ironman triathlon and I was overwhelmed by the friendship and camaraderie displayed by my fellow competitors, the support crews and everyone else involved in the event. At the awards ceremony one of my fellow athletes, John McCarey quoted from a poem by an American writer Erza Pound:

‘And the days are not long enough,
And the nights are not long enough,
And life slips by like a field mouse,
Not even shaking the grass.’
-- Ezra Pound

John was suggesting that in our own small way we were shaking the grass. The imagery conjured by Johns’ speech has stayed with me ever since as a gentle, positive reminder of the choices we have in life. We can either let life slip by or try and get on board and live a little.

More recently Mike Cotty recalling his ride in the Race Across the Alps said, ‘For me it's more than bike riding, it a way of learning about myself and how to cope in the face of adversity. Things that you don't necessarily get from day to day life.’

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