Shaking the Grass

A muscular perspective

Four weeks ago ROAM639 was launched, a new way marked trail in & around the Devil's Punchbowl Hindhead. The trail was conceived with the aim of helping raise awareness of muscular dystrophy (MD), an inheirted genetic condition that gradually causes the muscles to weaken leading to an increasing level of disability.

To mark the launch of the trail I undertook to run the route (6.39 miles) 24 times over 7 days to highlight the 24/7 nature of the condition. At times during the course of covering those 153 miles I experienced various aches & pains but my muscles got me round.

A week later I ran the Clarendon marathon with a friend.  Again my legs got me from A to B (or more correctly from Salisbury to Winchester).

Six days later i completed Haria Extreme, a demanding 56km trail run in Lanzarote.

After a further 7 days I complete the Tenerife Blue Trail (Trail) ultra run. A demanding 60km trail run.

224 miles of trail running completed in the space of four weeks.

Regardless of my speed or positioning in the events in which I participated the fact that I was able to complete this set of challenges is testament to what most of us are physically capable thanks to having muscles that work. Muscles that strengthen through their use, rest & recovery.

My physical endeavours don't make me remarkable. What is remarkable is what most of our bodies are capable of if we have the motivtion to take that first step. If your body works as it should reflect on how lucky this makes you.

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