Shaking the Grass

In search of solace..

2016 was to be my return to fitness. It was to be a season packed full of physical endeavour that would see me free myself from the layers of excess accumulated from languishing in my comfort zone. A season in which my commitment to training would match the focus displayed by those I coach. A season in which I would rediscover my  inner steel. 

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IceBug Xperience

I became aware of the Icebug Xperience from two of my coached athletes who had entered it & kindly extended the invitation to join them. At that time the event which comprises 75km of running over 3 stages through the coastal landscape of Bohuslan, Sweden, looked a great way to round off what I planned to be a dynamic event filled year. However for a variety of reasons & indeed excuses I arrived in Ramsvik feeling physically unprepared. My training hadn't had the regularity, consistency or focus required to to achieve the fitness gains I had intended. I was also feeling mentally drained due to a recent personal family loss. Fortunately the company of friends combined with the stunning coastal setting helped me to concentrate on the present.

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A muscular perspective

Four weeks ago ROAM639 was launched, a new way marked trail in & around the Devil's Punchbowl Hindhead. The trail was conceived with the aim of helping raise awareness of muscular dystrophy (MD), an inheirted genetic condition that gradually causes the muscles to weaken leading to an increasing level of disability.  

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