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In 2017 I took on two new coached athletes who were seeking coaching support to help them in their preparations for the Trans Atlantic Way bike race & the Trans Am bike race

The Trans Atlantic Way race covers 2500km between Dublin & Cork via the Wild Atlantic Way. The Trans Am bike race crosses the USA from West to East coast & covers 4300miles. Both are single stage road bike races which the riders must complete un-supported. In broad terms this means the rider must look after themselves. No support crews, no private re- supplies, no private lodging. They may utilise commercially available services, shops, lodgings etc but these must be available to all riders. The clock starts when the riders commence their ride & stops when they reach the finish. 

From the athletes perspective identifying the 'best way' to prepare for such events can be assisted or confused by the abundance of blogs on the subject from riders & coaches. Sadly some of this advice is purely anecdotal, & some of it fails to acknowledge the importance of tailoring the training to the individual rider.  The truth is there is no single best way to prepare for such events & not all coaches will adopt the same approach, even if presented with the same set of variables.  The 'best way' will be based upon variables such as the individual rider's start point (fitness, experience etc), event goals & available training time. 

David's original goal for the Trans Atlantic Way bike ride was to finish in under 10 days. Stephen's goal for the Trans Am bike race was to complete the race in 23 days. 

Both David & Stephen beat their target ride times. David placed 12th in the Trans Atlantic Way race & Stephen placed 9th in the Trans Am race. Both David & Stephen raced well. Huge respect to both riders from a proud coach. 

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