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Most visitors who arrive at this site intentionally have an interest in endurance sport. For many this interest is linked to the sport of triathlon & is centred on Ironman. 

These days there is a huge choice of Ironman triathlons & an increasingly impressive array of Challenge events. For many these events tick all the boxes, but others seek something a 'little' different. My own search for something different led me to experience Ultraman, RAAM & more recently to enjoy the trails in some beautiful parts of the world whilst participating in ultra runs. 

This week I received an email about a new event which caught my interest, the 'Evergreen 228'

Why did it catch my interest? Well, for starters it is based in Chamonix. If you have ever been to Chamonix you will know why this is a draw, if you haven't .. you have a treat in store. Chamonix is located in the Haute Savoie department of the Rhone- Alpes, France.  It is home to the North side of Mont Blanc. Quite simply its a beautiful place.

 The course comprises a 4km swim in Lac de Montriond, 181km bike on smooth alpine roads & then a 43km trail run. The course comprises 7500m of climbing. To me this is a heady combination & makes me what to sign up. There is however a host of other reasons why this event appeals. These are embodied in the philosophy of the event's organisers, Carlton Rowlands & Bruno Lebeda who aim to make this the most environmentally responsible iron distance race on the calendar. Please take the time to visit the event's website Evergreen Endurance

I will do this event.


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