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Coached Athletes continue to achive

It has been a while since I publicly praised my athletes here. This is isn't because my athletes aren't doing well, they are, consistently. It is more because of difficulties I have in choosing which achievements to single out. 

It is easy for outsiders to recognise the success of podium finishes & placing highly in iconic events like Marathon des Sables. It is easy to praise those who qualify to race for GB in European duathlon & Triathlon championships. Likewise praising those who qualify to race in World Championships (Ironman World Champs, 70.3) is easy. It's even easier to praise & recognise the achievements of athletes when they win UK & European titles. 

All things my athletes have achieved & continue to achieve. 

What is less obvious to some, but equally rewarding to me is the less public achievements made by my athletes as a result of their consistent commitment to their training. Witnessing their progress as they improve & conquer new challenges. 

I am proud of my athletes from the headline grabbers through to those who may never podium but are out there doing it, improving & most importantly enjoying their sport. I am also proud of my track record of helping athletes achieve. 

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