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All wheels are not created equal..

One of the best upgrades you can buy for your bicycle is a new set of wheels. Certainly, if you are riding a bike that cost sub £1500 then investing in a new set of wheels is probably one of the shrewdest bike upgrades you can spend your money on. Potential benefits include, improved aerodynamics, better handling & more efficient power transfer. They will also roll better. As a result you will get up to speed quicker, climb faster & travel at higher speed, even on the flat.

When you have made the decision to buy a new set of wheels you are then faced with a huge array of choice. There is an abundance of nice looking factory-built wheelsets available these days at price points to suit most budgets. If you do decide to go down this route then be sure to look beyond the aesthetics.

An alternative to buying an off the shelf wheelset is to have a set built for you to match your riding style & needs. This route opens up a whole new range of options & variables from hub choice through to rim selection. Get these decisions right however & the rewards can be great, providing of course they are all put together correctly. To assist you in this respect what you need is an expert (in the very truest sense) wheel builder. In this connection I can whole heartedly recommend Harry Rowland. Harry has just finished building a new set of wheels for my single speed bike. The resulting wheels are truly beautiful (in every sense) & far nicer than anything I could ever have bought 'off the shelf'.

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