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One of my athletes recently wrote a short piece about the benefits of employing the services of a coach. He shared his thoughts & experiences with the members of his triathlon club. I have reproduced an abridged version of this piece below as food for thought for anyone who wishes to improve their performances, is time limited & perhaps lacks focus & structure in their training...

'As the season moves towards it's final few races, probably most of you over the last few weeks have had interruptions from work and home. With our job, a lot of our training is about making best use of the time we have and fitting everything else in. Bottom line is that to get better, or to feel stronger when crossing that finish line, you have to put some time and effort into training. Previously I followed a few generic plans and thought because I have done a 3 hour bike or a 1 hour run this would make me better.

These last few months I enlisted the services of a coach, albeit working online. I found my sessions reduced in time but were more structured. 70 minute runs reduced to a 40 minute specific session. A 4 hour jaunt on the bike reduced to a 2 hour strength session etc  

The results - my Ironman run was 2 minutes off my pb standalone marathon run. My overall ironman time was a personal best by almost 50 minutes. I crossed the line not thinking I was close to death. I averaged 20mph over the 112miles bike and still felt fine for the marathon.

I was sceptical about the idea of a coach but the benefits have far, far outweighed any negatives. ......... I know of other members who also use coaches and have equally very positive results.

Anyone who is thinking of going down the coached route, although there is some financial outlay, the time, effort and results can be truly stunning.'

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