Festive Challenge Mk IV

Following the diagnosis of my friend's two sons with muscular dystrophy I have endeavoured to raise awareness of the condition & funds for supporting charities through a series of physical challenges. These have included an annual festive challenge over the Christmas period. I linked the first of these to the twelve days of Christmas. Due to a lack of imagination the 2nd & 3rd years saw the number of days increase by a multiple of 12 days. It was therefore with some trepidation that I started thinking about what the 4th festive challenge might involve & the potential ramifications for subsequent years.

Notwithstanding these concerns I commenced my fourth festive challenge on 1st December 2014 & mapped it through to 17th January 2015, 48 days!  I wanted the challenge to be personally challenging relative to my current fitness but at a level that most people, regardless of their level of physical activity, could identify with. I also wanted to use the challenge to demonstrate how it is possible to fit meaningful & effective training sessions around other life commitments such as work. The targets I set myself were to average 48 miles of running & 48 miles of cycling per week.

Today was day 48 & my challenge is complete. I have achieved the mileage targets I set myself. This was achieved through a mix of good time management & will power.  Over the course of the challenge my aerobic fitness & strength have both improved. Small changes perhaps but positive ones.

Thanks to the support of friends I have also raised sufficient donations to cover the costs of installing a bench along the route of ROAM 639. It is hoped that this will be enjoyed by users of the trail & other visitors to the Devil's Punchbowl.

I have been able to achieve the above because my muscles function, repair & adapt to the work asked of them as they should. For most of us this is the case, for some, including those affected by muscular dystrophy, physical activity isn't such a simple pleasure.

For my part I will continue to do what I can to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy & funds to help those affected by it.

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