Challenge 13: A Coventry Way (Take II)

Last year I took part in this race as one of my opening Challenges for challenge639. I enjoyed the low key nature of the event, the friendliness of the marshals & the tea & cake on offer at some of the aid stations. So this year I headed back to enjoy another 40 miles of mixed trails (& a bit of tarmac) around Coventry.

I didn't really have any expectations in respect of how long it might take me as I am in broadly similar 'shape' to last year, but I hoped I would be a bit quicker. I also wanted to see what my average pace might be if I ran well within myself as I have an entry for an event at the end of May which I am debating whether to defer or give it a go..

On the positives I got my nutrition & hydration spot on, best for a long long time. I finished with relatively happy legs & I didn't fall asleep on the drive home. I was also an hour quicker than last year, & last year hurt a lot more!

On the negative my time was borderline in terms of what I need to be able to survive the cut offs in the May event so that decision hasn't got any easier.

But as with all my musings about the various challenges I am undertaking to raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy & the plight of Alfie & Arthur the really important message is that I can go out & enjoy events like this. So can the majority of people readng this. You may choose not to but you could. You have the choice. Alfie & Arthur, together with others afflcited by muscular dystrophy have had this choice taken away from them. 


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