Challenge 12: Compton 20...

I wasn't going to include this event as one of my challenges as due to an unhappy back I had been moderately sensible & dropped from the 40 mile I had entered to the safer 20 miler. I knew my time would be slow, even by my current standards & I knew that even 20 miles wasn't really sensible given the state of my back.

However I rationalised my decision to start on the basis that my muscular discomfort was only temporary unlike that of Alfie & Arthur. I am glad I did start. As for the bulk of my 20 miles I was talking to a person training for Comrades, a very famous ultra run in South Africa. As we enjoyed the scenery (stunning course) I learnt about the various runs that had been completed to date in his training & details of the planned runs that lay ahead.

This may not seem remarkable but my running companion was in his 70s. I was full of respect & admiration.

His fitness & strength also emphasised what most of our bodies are capable of, something that Alfie & Arthur are denied because of their condition.

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