Challenge 8: Seeking an Epiphany

The next set of steps in my challenge to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy & in particular the case of Alfie  & Arthur will be loosely alligned to the twelve days of Christmas. It will involve me running a twelve 12mile loop around the Devil's Punchbowl twelve times. I will refine the loop this weekend but it will be predominantely off road and hilly. I will run the first loop on Christmas Day. Within the twelve loops I will include variation in terms of direction and timing to keep things interesting. I will post updates here. 

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Challenge 7: Druid Challenge (updated 13/11/11)

For the next element of challenge639 I will be taking part in the Druid Challenge. This is a 84 mile multi- stage run that follows the route of the Ridgeway path from Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire to Overton, Wiltshire. The path dates back to 3000BC - broadly in line with the last time I felt fit ;)  

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Challenge 6: From DNF to Phidippides

My 5th challenge for challenge639 was intended to be a successful completion of the TransPyr mountain bike stage race. I didn't succeed in this challenge. My failure hurt me on many levels. Recovering from that pain will take time. 

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