Challenge 14: Twenty four seven

This morning I should be heading for the Lake District to take part in the Great Lakeland Challenge. However, for a variety of reasons I will be spending the next few days much closer to home. This decision has left a 'hole' in respect of events I had planned to link to Challenge639. It also potentially adds further holes to my already limited preparation for a longer stage race I have entered later in the month. I am currently working on a home- grown 'fix' to this problem, one that is suitably testing to warrant inclusion as Challenge 14. Hopefully my this evening the first few miles of this will be run .......... 

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Challenge 13: A Coventry Way (Take II)

Last year I took part in this race as one of my opening Challenges for challenge639. I enjoyed the low key nature of the event, the friendliness of the marshals & the tea & cake on offer at some of the aid stations. So this year I headed back to enjoy another 40 miles of mixed trails (& a bit of tarmac) around Coventry. 

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Challenge 12: Compton 20...

I wasn't going to include this event as one of my challenges as due to an unhappy back I had been moderately sensible & dropped from the 40 mile I had entered to the safer 20 miler. I knew my time would be slow, even by my current standards & I knew that even 20 miles wasn't really sensible given the state of my back. 

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